About Tony

Having spent the last 25 years in the cleaning industry selling chemicals and supplies, I’d say say I’m more than up for the exciting new challenge that serving as Director of Sales here  at Give Clean affords me. I’m honored for the position to serve and look forward to providing for a cleaner environment as well as giving back to the community that’s surrounded me my entire life.

I was born in Memphis and haven’t left it for most of my life. Having grown up in a music city, I have loved playing the drums professionally, and now as a hobby. I can still be seen around town playing once, or twice a month. My wife and I have 5 grown children, and as they have all flown the coop, I’m looking forward to nurturing Give Clean with the experience that the last few decades have taught me.

It’s not often the opportunity comes around to have a job that is fulfilling, both professionally and personally, and I’m honored to have been made a part of this team.