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Give Clean provides commercial cleaning services to all types of organizations – big, small, or in-between. We started with a vision of taking customers cleaning needs and helping them give back through our foundation. We provide all services in cleaning whether contract needs, post construction, floor care, carpet cleaning, pressure washer, etc. We strive to do things a little differently in how we empower our employees, how we partner with clients, and how we can support our communities.

Give Clean service areas include The Greater Memphis and Nashville areas.


580 Tillman St., Suite 5
Memphis, TN 38112

Franklin, TN 


Memphis: 901-209-0367

Franklin: 773-456-2861


Monday – Friday
8 AM – 5 PM

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Meet The Give Clean Tennessee Team

Sam Taras


It is privilege to be a part of the Give Clean leadership team. As someone who was born and raised in a family restaurant business, I have always loved anything I can be a part of that is service oriented. My first job in the restaurant was washing dishes and from day one I loved the process of taking something dirty and facilitating the process to clean.  Our “WHY”— to give, and the “HOW”— through cleaning, is what drew me to Give Clean. I am grateful to work alongside other leaders who have similar passions of positively impacting Memphis through cleaning and engaging with the different communities we have the privilege of working alongside. The community at Give Clean makes the everyday challenges all worth it! .

Nathan Richardson

Vice President

It is my privilege to be a part of the leadership team here at Give Clean! Giving customers a great experience and coming alongside our employees to bring out the best in themselves is what I love. This balance of my position finds me in an optimal spot for coaching, trouble shooting, customer service and critical thinking.  I am a Georgia guy but made my way to Ole Miss for college and managed to snag a Memphis gal as my wife. We lived in Nashville and had 3 kids there before we moved to the country of Panama, to serve on the mission field, working with a school and community for 6 years. Our twins were born there. When it was time to return to the States, we wanted to be a part of the change and growth Memphis offers, so we chose the 901! Our margin time is spent staying involved with folks through Fellowship Bible Church and on the soccer, field watching all 5 kids play! We have kids at Riverdale and ECS. I love serving as the chairman of the board for “For the Kingdom” in 38128 as well as serving with “Rio Missions” in Panama.   Give Clean drew me as it is a team of good people looking to do good work, making a difference in lives both locally and internationally. Business with a purpose!

Brandy Bagget

Vice President of

A main perspective I try to keep for my life as a whole is everything we are given is from God, and it’s ours to care for the time we have it. From the daily ins and out of work, to the people we get to work with, and being a mom of 3: I try to care for all parts of my life as a steward of God’s gifts. He is the leader of my life and putting my faith and trust in Him was the single most important decision of my life. Allowing Him to work and open opportunities is what brought me to Give Clean.

Being a part of the greater good was a major factor in the decision to merge my former commercial cleaning company with Give Clean. Knowing that the work each one of us contributes fulfills needs not only in our community but around the world is a humbling and awesome experience. I am proud to say I am part of this leadership team. As I stand alongside of the accomplished men of our leadership team, I not only see their work ethic, but I get to see their heart for growing a company based on their values and growing for the purpose of giving. I am very excited to see what the future holds with Give Clean.

Tony Rapp

Director of Sales

Having spent the last 25 years in the cleaning industry selling chemicals and supplies, I’d say say I’m more than up for the exciting new challenge that serving as Director of Sales here  at Give Clean affords me. I’m honored for the position to serve and look forward to providing for a cleaner environment as well as giving back to the community that’s surrounded me my entire life.  I was born in Memphis and haven’t left it for most of my life. Having grown up in a music city, I have loved playing the drums professionally, and now as a hobby. I can still be seen around town playing once, or twice a month. My wife and I have 5 grown children, and as they have all flown the coop, I’m looking forward to nurturing Give Clean with the experience that the last few decades have taught me. It’s not often the opportunity comes around to have a job that is fulfilling, both professionally and personally, and I’m honored to have been made a part of this team.

Rogelio Duarte

Account Manager

Working at Give Clean has given the me the privilege to be apart of a leadership team that really cares about its people, and cares about the work that we are doing. I have lived in Memphis for the majority of my life and went to East Mississippi Community College in Starkville, MS. During college I met my wife while we were both serving at Service Over Self here in Memphis. After dating long-distance for two years she moved to Memphis and a year later we got married. We attend Second Presbyterian and are involved in the Nursery Program and Young Adults Sunday School.  Give Clean came as the perfect opportunity for me not only to work with a great team of people but to serve the people, businesses and schools in our city.

Caroline Berry

Office Manager

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and am a proud graduate of the University of Memphis. I have always been passionate about serving our city and giving back to the Memphis community. By serving with SOS as a part of the Summer Staff community for the past few years, I began to see how I could contribute to the change that I hope to see in our world. Give Clean’s intentional view of community and working in partnership with others is what ultimately drew me into the overall vision. I am encouraged to be working alongside a team that loves what they do and desires to provide the highest quality of service. When I am not working you could find me going for a run along the river, enjoying a quality cup of coffee, supporting the Grizzlies, or spending time with the people I love. 

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