Electrostatic Disinfecting
Fight against COVID-19

People have more desire for the areas that they live, work, and play to be disinfected more than ever before. Electrostatic spraying helps to provide peace of mind by charging the chemical particles to cling to surfaces so that the chemical wraps the surfaces with even distribution. This helps to disinfect the areas commonly missed by traditional cleaning methods. Tests have shown this to be ten times as efficient as conventional cleaning methods. We are able to disinfect larger areas faster and more efficient which also saves in labor and materials cost. We use a number of tools depending on your space including backpacks and handhelds depending on what your space needs.

What is it?

Electrostatic disinfecting resembles typical liquid spray dispensers, and are available in a variety of styles, from handheld or backpack battery operated sprayers to large roller carts capable of covering tens of thousands of square feet every hour.

How does it work?

Whatever the design, all electrostatic disinfecting works according to the same principle: they charge the liquids they dispense as they pass through the nozzle. Those charged droplets then repel one another and cling to environmental surfaces, creating an even coating that is efficiently and effectively applied. Think of the particles like tiny magnets. Most surfaces in a workspace have a negative charge, because they are naturally grounded. Electrostatic sprayers give the vapor particles a positive charge, so they are attracted to the negatively charged surfaces in the room. They are also repelled by each other, the same way two north magnetic poles of a magnet repel one another. That means when the positively charged disinfectant is sprayed into a room, it clings to the surfaces with an even distribution.

Why is it effective?

Using electrostatic technology to dispense disinfecting cleaning solutions is significantly more effective than using traditional sprayers, by ensuring an even coating and total coverage of all surfaces, with less waste and less drift. Tests have shown that this method of dispensing fluids can be up to ten times as efficient as conventional disinfecting methods. Effectivity doesn’t end with distribution. Using electrostatic disinfecting means even hard to reach areas and those commonly missed by traditional cleaning methods are equally disinfected. Think of a typical office desk, and all the places where dirt and germs can accumulate, and how hard they are to clean. From the underside of the desk to the nooks and crannies around leg joints and cable grommets, electrostatic disinfecting covers the areas your regular cleaners might miss.

What are the benefits?

– Faster, more efficient disinfecting
– Better coverage of all areas
– Minimal contact between cleaning staff and surfaces
– Reduced labor and materials costs
– Ability to disinfect almost any workplace or surface in minutes